South West Searchers

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Free Recovery Service

Land owners & Farmers

Have you lost valuable farming machinery , precious tools , sentimental items on your land ?

We offer a free recovery service and are more than willing and capable of recovering these lost items for you

Have you ever wondered what might be under the ground on your land ?

Why not invite our club to have a search on your land and see what might be unearthed

All club members have Public Liability insurance and are covered by either the National Council of Metal Detecting and The Federation of

Independent Detectorists

We operate on national guidelines with a 50/50 share on all treasure items / normal finds

Any family related sentimental items we find on your land will of course be returned to you by the finder

Why not contact us via this website and we will arrange for our site officer to call at a time of your convenience

We will also come to the assistance of any member of the public who need our help locating lost metal items